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Tailwheel endorsements

Old Farts Fly offers Tailwheel Endorsements on the Florida Gulf Coast. Just north of the Emerald Waters of Destin, we conduct Proficiency-Based Training for the FAR 61.31 endorsement.

Not accepting new students

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During training, we’ve found that most pilots require between 8-10 hours to become comfortable and proficient. We seasoned aviators have been flying Taildraggers since 1979, ironically the same year that Bellanca built our 8KCAB Decathlon. It’s the most challenging and rewarding flying you'll do. 

The ‘required’ training for the endorsement, found in FAR 61.31 consists of:

  • Normal/Crosswind Takeoffs and Landings

  • Wheel Landings

  • Go Arounds

Additionally, we train:

  • Slow Flight, Steep Turns, Power Off and Power On Stalls

  • Short and Soft Field Takeoffs and Landings

  • Power Off Spot Landings

  • Forward Slips to Landings

  • Grass Strip Operations


Is this class for you?


Must have private pilot's license or better


Minimum flight total time of 100 hours


Student pilots


Less than 100 hours total flight time


Must have a current BFR or equivalent


Must have a current medical

Not accepting new students

your flight instructor

Terry Hagle

Chief Flight Instructor

Flight Training at Old Farts Fly is taught by our Chief Flight Instructor, Terry. A seasoned pilot, Terry holds an ATP, numerous type ratings, and 20,000 plus hours of aviation experience. As a CFMEI-I with single and multi-engine privileges, Terry has taught in all types of aircraft from Cubs to Turboprops. This Taildragging course is another awesome opportunity to pass on the skillset and aviation knowledge to the next generation of aviators.

What's required to start training?

We require a $1000.00 deposit for each week of training reserved. Your deposit is non-refundable if you cancel within 2 weeks of your reservation (hurricanes notwithstanding). Once you begin your training, the deposit will be credited to your account balance.

  • $1000 deposit

  • A signed contract

  • Copy of your License

  • Copy of your Medical

  • The last page of your personal logbook

Once received, you’ll get an email confirming your reservation.

How much is the course?

The Tailwheel Endorsement course is $2500 including taxes and fees.

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